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Soul Freedom Therapy ®


£ 22.00 each


Andrea has recorded a beautiful guided meditation where she will take you on a magical journey into working with your inner self through the rainbow chakras, meeting with your guides and angels. This has the potential to aid stress release, stilling the internal chatter of the mind, allowing the gateway to open to your own garden of “Inner Peace”.

The vibration of my voice changes during these two guided journeys and has been proven by many clients and for those who are ready, to manifest deep soul healing - unlocking the chambers of the soul that need to fly free…

This contains 2 guided journeys, one 9.14 minutes and one 41.43 minutes.

This is a CD plus downloadable set of MP3s

Available to buy now with credit/debit card or PayPal

free podcast of the 9.14 minutes (Daily Journey to peace)

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